Judge Sentences Disgraced Lawyer To Life In Prison: Double Murder Of His Wife And Son

Judge Sentences Disgraced Lawyer To Life In Prison: Double Murder Of His Wife And Son 

Alex Murdaugh

Judge Clifton Newman on Friday sentenced disgraced South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh to two consecutive life sentences for the murders of his wife and child, less than 24 hours after a jury found Murdaugh of the 2021 murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh had been found guilty.

said Murdaugh that each of the punishments are for "the remainder of your natural life"; Add that the sentences follow each other. 

The judge returned the verdict after Murdaugh  addressed the court briefly. 

"Hello, Your Honor. I'm innocent," Murdaugh said."I would never hurt my wife Maggie and I would never hurt my son Paw-Paw. Thanks.” 

Murdaugh will appeal the verdict, Dick Harpootlian, his  attorney, told NPR. 

The hearing began just after 9:30.E. Newman  said he would render a judgment upon a victim impact testimony, but District Attorney Creighton Waters began his remarks by saying that there was no one in the state willing to make a victim impact testimony. 

"The depravity, callousness and selfishness of these crimes is overwhelming," Waters said, adding that Murdaugh continued to lie and showed no remorse. 

Waters pointed to Murdaugh in the courtroom and added, "A man like this  should never again be among free, law-abiding citizens." 

He then sought the heaviest sentence, two consecutive life sentences.

judge finds that the Murdaugh family  sent many people to the death chamber judge said he did not question the prosecutors' decision not to seek the death penalty in this case, but  noted that the crime was the met the legal standard of the maximum penalty. 

Newman said he was struck by the power of the moment. 

"As I sit  in this courtroom, looking at the many portraits of judges and other justice officials, and reflecting on the fact that  your family, including you, have persecuted people here in this courtroom for the past century," he said, adding added: "Many received the death penalty - probably because of inferior behavior". I'm innocent," Murdaugh replied.

"Maybe it wasn't you"; Newman spoke to Murdaugh about the person who committed these horrific acts. Perhaps, he added, Murdaugh's notorious drug addiction made him a different person. 

Reflecting on his previous interactions with Murdaugh, the judge said it was "heartbreaking" to see Murdaugh transition from  a grieving father to a convicted murderer.

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