Carti Being Arrested For Assault

😡 Iggy Azalea Reacts To Ex Playboi Carti Being Arrested For Assault.
😡 Rapper Playboi Carti Arrested In Georgia After Allegedly Choking Pregnant Girlfriend.
😡 Atlanta Rapper Playboi Carti Arrested On Felony Assault Charge.

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After famed Atlanta rapper Playboi Cartie was arrested for  aggravated assault, fellow rapper Iggy Azalea twisted the charges against him. 

Azalea, Cartie's ex-girlfriend and mother of his son Onyx, has made new allegations against the "Magnolia" rapper. Carti was arrested in 2017 for domestic violence against his girlfriend of three years. 

On Tuesday,  rapper Fancy tweeted, "Pretend you have a pregnant girlfriend and pretend she doesn't exist until it turns out you enjoy taking advantage of her too — and you rarely visit your real child unless , you are not running from the trouble you are having in Atlanta and the press with your serial abuse of women." 


Early Tuesday morning, Playboi Carti, born Jordan Carter, was arrested in his home state of Georgia for allegedly kissing his pregnant girlfriend strangled after a dispute over a paternity test, according to a statement obtained by TMZ.


 The details of the assault described by his girlfriend are quite disturbing. According to the statement, the incident happened on December 20, when the woman was 14 weeks pregnant.

She told police  the Atlanta rapper grabbed her by the throat and shoved her. She claimed  she was barely breathing and thought  she would not survive the event.


According to TMZ, the woman told officers  she wanted to speak to the popular rapper about her baby and the paternity test, but the argument escalated and eventually became physical. He said the witness jumped into the discussion and tried to defuse the violence. 


She finally managed to get out of Cartie's grip and ran to her car, but she says he followed her to the car and tried to attack her again, pulling her away from the car and putting a hand on her head put my mouth. 


Local police arrested artist Whole Lotta Red  on Tuesday and charged him with  aggravated assault. Brian Steel, Cartie's attorney (also counsel for Young Thug in his RICO lawsuit), said his client was "wrongly accused" and  the case was being dismissed "without prosecution or trial."


He was released on  $100,000 bail, according to WSB-TV. 

While there is currently no guarantee  that Playboi Carti will face any real consequences,  we can be sure  that if his girlfriend's claims turn out to be true, his public image will be tarnished forever.

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