Marjorie Taylor Greene: Was Confronted Over Old Social Media Posts Advocating Violence Against Democrats In Court Testimony

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Was Confronted Over Old Social Media Posts Advocating Violence Against Democrats In Court Testimony

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia become faced in courtroom docket on Friday over beyond social media posts advocating violence in opposition to Democrats. 

At the listening to in Atlanta, to decide if Greene is constitutionally barred from strolling for reelection due to her alleged position withinside the January 6 riot, the congresswoman time and again stated she could not consider beyond remarks or interactions.

CNN's KFile suggested final 12 months that, previous to being elected to Congress, Greene had time and again indicated guide for executing outstanding Democratic politicians in 2018 and 2019 in remarks and posts on social media.

At the listening to, Greene to start with denied she had referred to as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "a traitor to our country," as CNN's KFile suggested.

"No, I have not stated that," the congresswoman stated.

Greene ultimately admitted to having stated that approximately Pelosi because the lawyer thinking the congresswoman placed up the show off together along with her remarks.

"Oh, no. Wait. Hold on now --" Green fast interjected. "Oh no, wait, keep on now. I agree with that with the aid of using now no longer securing the border that violates her oath of workplace."

Before she ran for Congress in 2020, Greene created a White House petition in January 2019 to question the House speaker for "crimes of treason," bringing up Pelosi's guide of so-referred to as sanctuary rules that "are serving illegals and now no longer United States residents," and due to the fact Pelosi did now no longer guide then-President Donald Trump's border wall.

In one speech selling the petition, Greene advised Pelosi can be finished for treason.

"She's a traitor to our country. She's responsible of treason," Greene says withinside the 2019 video, which she published on Facebook on the time, earlier than the video become removed. "She took an oath to defend American residents and uphold our laws.

And she offers resource and luxury to our enemies who illegally invade our land. That's what treason is. And with the aid of using our regulation representatives and senators may be kicked out and not serve in our government.

And it is, uh, it is against the law punishable with the aid of using loss of life is what treason is. Nancy Pelosi is responsible of treason."

Asked once more approximately her remarks at Friday's listening to, Greene stated she couldn't consider making them while requested if she had stated it.

"According to this CNN article I did," Greene stated. "I do not consider. I do not bear in mind pronouncing all of this."

Greene additionally denied having any information of liking a submit on her non-public Facebook, advocating that Pelosi be shot withinside the head and finished. In one submit, from January 2019, Greene's account favored a remark that stated "a bullet to the pinnacle might be quicker" to take away Pelosi.

"I haven't any concept who favored that," Greene stated, claiming she had "many humans" handling her social media, echoing a announcement she had published final 12 months on Twitter wherein she did now no longer deny that she favored posts and answered to remarks however claimed that many humans have run her Facebook page.

Early for the duration of her testimony, Greene claimed that "I in no way suggest some thing for violence. All of my phrases in no way, ever, suggest some thing for violence."

Greene additionally stated she couldn't bear in mind if she or every body on her team of workers had spoken together along with her buddy and accomplice Anthony Aguero, who took element withinside the mob coming into the Capitol.

"I do not bear in mind," Greene stated.

CNN formerly suggested that Aguero had chanted "heave-ho" as rioters tried to interrupt in and he later entered the Capitol Rotunda. 

After leaving, he chanted "our house" at the Capitol steps. In a livestream at some point after the riot, he attacked folks who condemned the ransacking of the Capitol. The FBI formerly declined to touch upon whether or not it become investigating Aguero in an electronic mail to CNN.

Controversial Republican U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia on Friday defended her remarks in advance of the Jan. 6 riot on the U.S. Capitol whilst attesting beneathneath oath as a part of a venture to her reelection with the aid of using citizens and a assisting felony institution, who're searching for to knock her off the poll for her position previous to the riot.

Greene's look in an Atlanta courtroom docket Friday made her the primary GOP member of Congress to testify publicly approximately Jan. 6, at the same time as a Democratic-led committee returned in Washington, D.C., has spent months investigating the attack.

Greene become in the front of an administrative regulation decide due to the fact a handful of citizens in her district, represented with the aid of using a nonprofit referred to as Free Speech For People, say Greene must be disqualified due to the fact they allege she recommended and supported the rioters who stormed the Capitol.

While at the witness stand, the congresswoman reiterated baseless claims approximately election fraud, and time and again stated that her charged rhetoric in advance of Jan. 6 noted tough the electoral count, now no longer a name for violence.

"I do not guide violence of any kind," Greene stated in reaction to a question. "My phrases in no way ever suggest some thing for violence."

The court docket become crowded with Greene's supporters, who cheered while she entered.

Citing the 14th Amendment

Lawyers with Free Speech For People are leaning on a provision withinside the U.S. Constitution that forbids any member of Congress worried in an riot from serving in workplace. It's a phase of the 14th Amendment, exceeded withinside the years after the Civil War to save you former Confederates from returning to their seats in Congress.

The felony idea is typically untested in present day history.

Greene has lengthy deployed violent rhetoric in opposition to her political warring parties and has mechanically unfold fake claims approximately the 2020 election, together with withinside the leadup to Jan. 6, 2021.

"This become now no longer a case in which the leaders have been on horseback main the charge," Ron Fein, felony director for Free Speech for People, informed the decide. "Rather the leaders of this riot have been amongst us, on Facebook, on Twitter, on corners of social media that could make your belly turn. The proof will display that Marjorie Taylor Greene become one in all them."

Greene says the venture to her candidacy is a lie and a rip-off designed to cast off her constituents' rights to vote for the candidate in their choice.

Greene responded many questions Friday approximately her statements, social media posts and conversations withinside the days earlier than Jan. 6 with "I do not know" or "I do not bear in mind."

Asked whether or not her workplace gave excursions to any individuals of the general public withinside the days earlier than the riot, or whether or not her marketing campaign or congressional team of workers furnished records or finances to those who participated in or prepared the riot, she stated no.

'1776 moment'

Lawyers for Free Speech For People pointed to a tweet despatched on Jan. 5, calling the following day a "1776 moment," that is code for political violence in a few far-proper circles.

Greene informed the decide she's in no way heard every body use "1776" in reference to violence.

The plaintiff's legal professionals additionally performed a January 2021 Facebook video wherein Greene stated, "You can not permit it to simply switch strength peacefully like Joe Biden desires and permit him to come to be our president. Because he did now no longer win this election. It's being stolen."

In the equal video, Greene recommended humans to return back to Washington as she and different individuals of Congress organized to item to the certification of the election results.

Greene says the video become taken out of context.

Asked whether or not she encouraged to then-President Donald Trump that he impose martial regulation to stay in strength, she stated, "I do not bear in mind."

Her legal professionals argue that now no longer simplest is her rhetoric blanketed political speech, she become a sufferer of the Jan. 6 attack, now no longer a participant.

"The proper to vote is at stake, proper here, proper now due to the fact they need to disclaim the proper to vote to the lots of humans withinside the 14th district of Georgia with the aid of using getting rid of Greene from the poll," James Bopp, an Indiana-primarily based totally lawyer for Greene, stated in beginning arguments. "Those citizens have the proper to vote for the candidate in their choosing."

Similar demanding situations elsewhere

A comparable venture to Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn's candidacy become tossed out with the aid of using a decide in North Carolina. A decide on Friday additionally brushed off efforts with the aid of using the equal institution to venture Arizona lawmakers. Appeals had been filed in each.

Greene requested a federal courtroom docket to brush aside her venture, however the decide permit the case proceed.

In Georgia, the executive decide will subsequent lay out the information of the case and make a advice to the Georgia secretary of state, Republican Brad Raffensperger, approximately whether or not Greene must continue to be at the poll. Raffensperger is up for reelection himself and faces a GOP number one venture, so he can be hesitant to make political waves with the aid of using pulling Greene from the poll earlier than the May 24 number one.

"This is notably critical stuff," Judge Charles Beaudrot stated, final Friday's listening to.

Beaudrot stated briefings from each events are due middle of the night Thursday and he'll purpose to launch his advice inside per week of that deadline.

Whatever the decision, it's going to nearly clearly be appealed to a better courtroom docket.

Page Pate, a tribulation lawyer in Georgia, stated that disqualifying Greene from the poll won't be the challengers' simplest goal.

"They need to pay attention her puzzled beneathneath oath, to discover what involvement, if any, she had on this riot, and if she makes any fake announcement, she can be charged with perjury or possibly a few different crime," Pate says.

Greene is famous in her north Georgia district, which stretches from the exurbs of Atlanta to the foothills of the Appalachians and the border with Tennessee. It's one of the maximum conservative congressional districts withinside the country.

Nancy Hollandchad, an established volunteer with Paulding County Republican Women, says efforts to tackle Greene simplest embolden her supporters.

"She's my congresswoman, so I do guide her," she says. "I do not like them seeking to hold Marjorie off the poll. They simply do not understand, they may be galvanizing the district greater closer to her."


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